Lineas de Nazca

Lineas de Nazca


Lineas de Nazca: an enigma of humanity
Location: Nazca , Perú (Central Coast)

Getting There:
- In Lima, you can take a private vehicle to go to Nazca. There is also public buses going to Nazca and around.

In the middle of the coast of Peru, they are one of the world’s great mysteries: The Nazca Lines: giant animal figures and geometric shapes that can only be appreciated from a height, are spread over 500 km; and the reasons why they were drawn, the construction date and the technology used are still unknown.

Views from the floor, the Nazca lines just seem furrows in the ground. However, one begins to get involved in the mystery when climbing the hill or take the airplane, thousands of triangles, lines and zoomorphic drawings are visible in front of us.

How could they do so many ways and with such precision, if only seen from above? For what they did the lines and how they use? These are the questions that come when see them, and are enigmas that gives us NAZCA.